Gray Matter is an online publication devoted to the 50-plus population.

Unlike conventional media, which target the typical, age-old 18- to 49-year-old demographic, we take what could be considered an unconventional approach and focus beyond that to speak to the largest, most-affluent, most-influential  and mysteriously most under-served segment of society (the 78-million Americans, the 9.6-million Canadians, the 17-million citizens of the UK and all others around the globe born during the ‘Baby Boom,’ who – along with their elders – will count for  800-million people over the age of 65 by 2025). Given this unorthodox stance, our job – as we see it – is to be unorthodox:  to lampoon old-fashioned thinking, to investigate policies and initiatives that do or could harness the potential of an aging population, and to laud those who are reimagining and reinventing this stage of life. All in a thoughtful if not thought-provoking way.

Gray Matter is about new ways of thinking – and stamping out outdated, outmoded, ageist ideas of life after 50.



Trisse Loxley - Editor of Gray MatterNewspaper columnist, magazine editor and contributor, Trisse Loxley has spent a career – thus far – covering every imaginable aspect of lifestyle. Now, she’s more interested in life after 50. Dismayed by the general slant of media coverage about her generation (“Pension Time Bomb!,” “Potential Healthcare Burden!,” “Eating up Jobs for Youth!”) and disappointed, if not disheartened, by the majority of content offered up by 50-plus publications (“Is it Okay to Cheat on a Terminally-Ill Spouse?,” “The Lighter Side of Plastic Surgery,” “Are You Ready for an RV?”), she decided to take matters into her own hands and publish Gray Matter.

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